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Our mission is to help build a strong and vibrant cannabis industry through effective legal representation, close industry relationships and deep-rooted policy engagement.  

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Amy Margolis has been a lawyer for more than 17 years and is the founder and director of the Oregon Cannabis PAC and the Oregon Cannabis Association, which is the largest professional cannabis association in the state of Oregon.  

Her primary practice areas are licensing, compliance and regulatory work as well as continuing to represent clients charged with crimes in either state or federal court.

She is also directly involved with the state’s policy discussion around implementation of medical and recreational cannabis and she has been tapped to serve on a number of rulemaking committees, including the following:

  • The Portland Marijuana Task Force;

  • The Clackamas County Marijuana Task Force;

  • HB 3460 Rules Advisory Committee;

  • The Oregon Health Authority Medical Rules Advisory Committee; and

  • The OLCC Licensing, Enforcement, and Compliance Rules Advisory Committee.

She frequently testifies at the Oregon legislature and before local governments on both policy and practical issues surrounding cannabis.

She has spoken across the country on issues such as raising capital, managing investors, the struggles with implementation of legal cannabis and federal obstacles to the industry.  She frequently speaks at local events like the Cannabis Creative Conference, the Oregon Business Summit and Oregon Bar Association events regarding all things cannabis.  She has also led two Oregon lobbying trips to Washington D.C. 

Professional and Community Activities
American Bar Association, Member
Oregon Cannabis Political Action Committee, Executive Director
Oregon Cannabis Association, Executive Director

Admitted to Practice
Oregon State Courts
United States District Court, District of Oregon

University of Oregon School of Law, Juris Doctor (2001)
University of Washington, Bachelor of Arts (1998)

Practice Areas

At Margolis Legal we believe in providing holistic services for your cannabis business.  

While Oregon is an adult use and medical use state, it is still illegal under federal law. That means that the foundation of your business needs to be compliance. From your very first meeting we will walk you through the most up-to-date regulatory information so we can help you make the right decisions to keep you, and your business safe. 


In Oregon, licensing happens under two regulatory authorities- the Oregon Health Authority and the Oregon Liquor Control Commission. Having sat on rule-making committees under both of these agencies, we are uniquely qualified to walk you through all parts of licensing. Many of our clients have already received their OLCC licenses so we know what it takes to help your business get yours. We will also come out and help you pre-inspection to make sure that you feel comfortable and secure when OLCC or OHA come out to inspect or investigate you.



After your receive your license you begin a long and potentially complicated relationship with OHA and OLCC. From ongoing inspections to issues surrounding renewals to potential violations, we can help you walk through the regulatory challenges. Working together we can develop strong standard operating procedures, train your employees on compliance and keep you safe during administrative hearings. Because many of these regulations are in constant flux, we can also keep you updated on any new changes and how to adapt your business to meet those changes.



We can help you with all aspects of your corporate work. From commercial contracts to shareholders agreements, from warrants to convertible notes, we have the experience you need to make the right partnership and entity choices. By bringing a strong traditional corporate law skill set to the cannabis industry you can feel confident that your business is built right with plenty of room to grow.



Along with all of the successes, there will be problems. With more than 15 years of trial and courtroom experience we can help you through your business and commercial litigation. 



Instead of trying to learn a little bit of everything but not being good at any one thing, we are experts in our practice areas. We also recognize, just like you do, the power of strategic partnerships. If we can not help you in the office we will connect you with one of our many legal, accounting, security, insurance partners.



Interested in what we do and what we are passionate about? Here is a small sampling of articles where we are discussing all things cannabis. From raising money for state and federal candidates to producing historic cannabis events, this office is committed to making real change in cannabis policy. 

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