DEA Not Rescheduling Cannabis- maybe it's better this way

All over the internet yesterday, and surely today, was the news that the DEA was not going to reschedule cannabis. While many were hoping to see the scheduling change from schedule 1 to schedule 2, maybe this is for the best. In case you were wondering, here is the list of schedule 2 controlled substances. Methamphetamine? Basically every opiate? Does it look like cannabis belongs here?

It is time we start asking for cannabis to be DE-SCHEDULED. Just like Congressman Blumenauer in this letter to Attorney General Loretta Lynch, we need to shift towards asking for what we really want and what would really make a difference.

I am fan of even incremental change. I want the Feds to recognize that there is medical value in cannabis. Sometimes I am thankful for even the most tiny change that adds legitimacy and validation to the cultivation and use of cannabis. But, there is no way that I think cannabis should be a schedule 2 controlled substance either. 

Plus, rescheduling does not necessarily change ANY of the things that need to be immediately fixed like banking and 280e.

So, while we may be disappointed and discouraged we shouldn't be. I am changing my messaging from here on out. Cannabis should be de-scheduled. Period.